These Illustrations Show Exactly How To Answer Backhanded Compliments

There is nothing more annoying than a backhanded compliment.

You know the kind: “You look so much better with your hair down,” or “You'd be so pretty if you wore some makeup!”

Yeah, they're annoying as f*ck.

Artist (and my personal hero) Vanessa Papastavros recently created a series of illustrations that outline the perfect comebacks to these underhanded comments, and they'll have you laughing out loud.

Vanessa was inspired to create the series after growing increasingly frustrated at the sheer number of insults she's received as a 19-year-old woman.

Papastavros told the Huffington Post,

Often, people are trying to put down or subtly control a woman's decisions about her appearance through a backhanded compliment. They want to make you into what they consider acceptable and attractive.

In creating the wonderfully sarcastic illustration series, Papastavros hopes to make a statement: A strong woman needs no approval.

If you ask us, she's doing a damn good job.

Check out her cheeky illustrations below, and find more here.

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