I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Ups And Downs Of A 'Yes' Girl's Life

by Kelsey Hau

At 21 years old, I still haven't quite figured out how to say no with ease. I constantly say yes and overcommit myself almost all the time.

I'm horrible at letting people down and suffer from FOMO, so I say yes to pretty much everything. Sometimes, it leads to awesome adventures and memories; other times, it leaves me exhausted, stressed and anxious.

Here are the ups and downs of being a "yes" girl:

UP: You are everyone’s go-to girl.

Whether it’s a need for a shopping buddy, a shoulder to cry on, someone to help study or a wing-woman for the night, you are the person at the top of the call list.

Nine times out of 10, you already have a previous engagement, but it feels good to be everyone’s first call.

And, on that 10 percent chance you don’t already have a prior engagement, the answer is obviously yes. Many times, that yes will lead to memories that will last a lifetime.

DOWN: Eat and sleep come last on your to-do list.

Constantly saying yes and committing to things takes a toll on you by the end of the week. Sometimes, you will get through entire days and won't be able to remember a single time you put something edible in your mouth.

Your constant inclination to say yes when your friends ask you to go out ensures you will overlook your need to sleep, as well.

As a “yes” girl, you often forget about your own fundamental needs and eventually, it will catch up to you.

UP: You rarely have to worry about missing out.

You are involved in so many things and go on so many adventures, there are not many times you'll have to think, “I wish I would’ve done this or that.” FOMO is a constant fear, but not something you encounter often.

You may be physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the week, but you definitely don't regret skipping out on anything.

DOWN: You can tend to get walked all over.

Your friends and acquaintances know you are a “yes” girl, and often, they use that to their advantage. They will approach you with issues and things they don’t want to deal with just because they know you have a hard time saying no.

On the off chance you do say no, they will push you to say yes, as they're aware you were on the fence, anyway.

As a “yes” girl, you have to choose your friends wisely and ensure you surround yourself with people who will push you to the brink, just because they know they can.

UP: Ultimately, you're left with amazing memories, friends and adventures.

Yes, you will get to Sunday and wonder how the heck seven days already passed. You will ponder how to stop time and add a couple hours to each day.

You will question whether it's possible to sleep, eat, shower and brush your teeth all at once. You will spend a lot of time perfecting the art of multitasking, and you will master the skill of walking, talking and listening simultaneously.

People will question your sanity and they’ll tell you to do less. But, ultimately, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You have a long list of adventures and memories that make it all worth it, and you have incredible friends by your side to support you when you get a little overwhelmed.

Sometimes, you may be tired, but when you remember all the laughter, smiles and tears, you realize why you do what you do.