Girl Breaks Down The Myths Behind The Hymen And 'Popping The Cherry' (Video)

For your daily dose of #realtalk, blogger Laci Green discusses vaginas.

Obviously you're already watching the YouTube clip (in case you're at work... plug in those headphones because this is NSFW), but we'll also sum up her debunked sex myths:

1. The hymen doesn't need to be popped — it's actually a thin membrane that is stretched.

2. The hymen can tear, but it does stretch if you're having sex regularly. If that (or any sexual activity down there) stops for an extended period of time, the hymen will likely go back to its original position.

3. Sex for the first time is only going to be a "big bloody pain, literally" if you don't know how to do it right.

Green's bubbly disposition when talking about these sex misconceptions is a breath of fresh air from the stern and-you-will-die, "Mean Girls"-esque education most of us probably received in high school gym class.

As Green says herself: "There's some sexist, f*cked up sh*t going on with this hymen myth."

Educate yourself!

H/T: Upworthy