Everything You Need To Know About Training Your Body With Kegel Weights

by Alexis Garcia
Hayden Williams

We spend countless hours at the gym working on our physique. We work on the booty, tightening the core, arms, legs, you name it. While we are busy exercising everything else about ourselves, we may be forgetting to exercise one of the most important things that makes us a woman.

I'm talking about the majestic vagina. What if we could exercise something that would make us feel really good?

Let me introduce to you the almighty Kegel weights. Turning the vagina into a vagina of steel has never been easier, more convenient and full of perks. You need to add pelvic floor to your workout routine immediately.

There are many types of Kegel weights, which include vaginal cones, Kegel balls and Kegel eggs. Kegel balls, for instance, are small weights you insert into your vagina, just like you would a tampon.

Each ball has a different weight sizes. Once you are able to successfully hold one ball in your vagina for at least 15 minutes, you move on to the next weight. If you are not able to hold the next weight for that long, you go back to the previous weight size and keep practicing your Kegel.

You keep doing this until you move up. It's no rush, so take your time. Do what it comfortable for you. You don't want to go jacking up your lady member, of course. You can do this about three to four times a day.

Balls come in different sizes, ranging from 1.9 ounces to 3.5 ounces. They also come in either silicone, glass, metal or plastic. Beginners shouldn't go straight for the metal or glass; neither should those with weak pelvic floors.

You need to make sure the balls you get are nonporous. This means staying away from the jelly and rubber balls. Kegel weights are all different, and some have strings. Make sure if you buy some with strings that you get the silicone coated ones, and stay away from the braided cloth ones. We need to make sure we get things that build up less bacteria.

As much as women like to multitask, beginners should consider using these weights at home first. We don't want them slipping out in public. Also, imagine if you walk past metal detectors while using the metal ones? Officer, I can explain.

Making the pelvic floor strong with Kegel weights comes with many benefits, but I know what you want to know. Let's talk about sex.

Kegel weights help make your vagina muscles strong. This means it can improve your orgasms and helps them last longer. It increases sensation, giving you intense sexual arousal. It helps increase your sexual drive, and helps enhance the sexual pleasure of you and your partner.

In case it happens to you -- and it's always a possibility -- don't be alarmed if you have an orgasm with Kegel weights inside you. I mean, if you're multitasking and have these things just inside you moving around, it can happen. To some. Don't get ideas.

As much as we would like it to be, life's not all about sex. So, here are many of the other benefits that come from exercising the pelvic floor and using Kegel weights. It helps treat inflammation in the prostate gland, helps treat urinary incontinence and it helps make your vagina strong when it comes time to push your melon sized baby out of your grape sized vagina. It also helps recover post-pregnancy and prevent vaginal prolapse.

Nothing says empowering like a vagina of steel. But just like you can't solely rely on exercising to get a fit body, it goes the same for Kegel weights. Don't make it the only thing you do to exercise and keep your vagina fit. Incorporate other exercises into your pelvic floor routine, and remember to eat healthy.