Kim Kardashian West

How To Take The Perfect Butt Selfie For The Ass Man In Your Life

This past weekend, my friend and I shared a hotel room on our trip to Boston. One night, while she was in the shower, I tryied to figure out how to send a glorious “belfie” (butt selfie) to a guy.

I consider myself a fairly flexible person. I've taken yoga for years. But the logistics of taking a butt picture are about as easy as diffusing a bomb.

First, I bent my arm as far back as it would go to grab a side photo. Next, I tried an over-the-shoulder aerial shot. I even tried to balance the phone between my thighs, and all that resulted in was a spectacular vag photo, not the butt selfie of my dreams.

By the time my friend walked out of the shower, I was out of breath and sore from bending over backward to get a decent snap of my booty. She found it hysterical. I did not.

See, getting a photo of that ass is hard. You need to either be double-jointed or have a 10-foot-long arm to get a photo that doesn't make your butt look like a pancake.

After a whole lot of trial-and-error, here's what I learned.

Use mirrors to your advantage.

Take a cue from Kim Kardashian, the queen of all things booty, and use a full-length mirror to capture your derrière. Either do an over-the-shoulder smolder like Kimmy, or keep your face out of it and just snap a close-up shot of that donk.

Undies are your friend.

A great pair of panties can do to your butt what an awesome bra does to your boobs. It lifts, creates the illusion of a more rotund bum and just looks hot.

If you're a little anxious about sending a snap of your totally naked ass, a pair of undies can minimize the fear. I  think nothing is hotter than a pair of lace cheekies — trust me, they're way more flattering than a thong.

Recruit a friend.

When my friend got out of the shower, she offered to help me take the photo, angling the phone so it seemed to be just me behind the camera. Nothing is a truer test of friendship than taking a sexy selfie together.

Seriously, ask a friend. They probably won't mind and, if they do, they aren't your true friend.

No friends like belfie friends, am I right?

Make your butt look massive.

In my experience, this pose usually makes you look like you're about to take a giant sh*t on your phone. That's fine, just make sure you don't actually sh*t on your phone.

Get on all fours.

I personally love this trick because it not only shows off my booty, but also gets my cleavage in the shot. To create the illusion of a bodacious shape, make sure your upper body is lower than your booty and snap away.

And if all else fails, just get a selfie stick. It's practically the official sponsor of the belfie.