How To Be A Female Champion As Told By Five-Time US Open Winner Serena Williams

Being a Lady Boss isn't easy. There are haters, competition and, to be frank, a lot of bullsh*t that can get us down. Serena Williams, newly crowned five-time U.S. Open champion, is the prime example of a strong woman whose perseverance and self-confidence leads her to success.

Serena's sharp skills are not limited to sports and tennis, but can be applied to any situation. She runs the show, knows how to play the game and ultimately reigns over her court. Serena Williams shows us how always to come out on top, no racket required.

Serve It Straight Up

Don't be afraid to speak your mind on topics that you are passionate about. Find your voice and use it for good, not evil. Be direct, be respectful and be bold.

Push Yourself To Acheive Your Best

Getting by and doing the bare minimum will never make you stand out. In order to move forward on your goals, you have to put forth a solid effort. Serena never lets herself slack off, but is instead always focused on overcoming obstacles and motivating herself to win.

Flash Some Stink Eye

How else are you going to intimidate the competition? Get in the zone and (not to be all "High School Musical") get your head in the game.

Stay Committed

Rough patches happen, but you can't lose sight of the picture and why you're still there. It's important not to give up. You're not going to accomplish everything and that's okay. Serena's secret to success is that she works at it every single day.

Victory Dance

Celebrate your achievements and appreciate your good fortune. Don't get down on yourself because that will only set you back. Let your hair down, live a little and lighten up! Success is to be enjoyed.

Remember Your Roots

No one likes the a-hole who gets famous and then forgets all the little people who helped her get there. Be proud of where you came from and be grateful for how far you've come. You get back what you give in this world.

Take Home The Title

Some things in life don't come easy. Serena had to fight to win her final match against Victoria Azarenka. What makes it all worth it? Being number one.

Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images