H&M Proves There Are Many Ways To Be A Woman With Inclusive New Video


Being a woman with a body is tougher than it should be.

Shopping for clothes is usually an all-day process, no matter your size. When I have to replace one of the three pairs of Holy Grail-type jeans in my closet, it takes serious mental meditation to even get me through the doors of a store.

Then, there's the dressing room lighting that only highlights cellulite and too-tight jeans that make me feel as if I've temporarily transformed into the Hulk (but just in the thigh region).

In an attempt to welcome more sizes and shapes of women into its stores, fast fashion retailer H&M just released what's quite possibly the most diverse ad I've ever seen as a preview for its fall collection.

Not only does the clip show plus-size women, muscular women and thin women, but they're also portrayed laughing together, owning their careers and enjoying their free time.

I'm not quite sure why it's taken the fashion world such a long time to get behind women being three-dimensional humans who actually move around in their clothes throughout the day, but I'm all for it.

As Hello Giggles adds, H&M has traditionally used its advertisements as a place to include all women. Notably, it's featured both Caitlyn Jenner and Ashley Graham.

This video contains the full spectrum of gender, body and aesthetic choices: armpit hair, old age (courtesy of screen legend Lauren Hutton, 72) and athleticism (from Muay Thai pro Fatima Pinto).

The transgender community is also represented thanks to actress, model and writer Hari Nef.

When it comes to the soft cover of Tom Jones' kind of lechy hit "She's A Lady," soul duo Lion Babe reworks the song entirely. Singer Jillian Hervey and her incredible mane take center stage, asking the audience one simple question: What makes a woman?

Check out the new promotional spot, and let me know if you see yourself anywhere among these ladies.

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