Hillary Clinton Wants You To Know She's 'Moved On' From The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

If reading Monica Lewinsky's essay about her relationship with former President Bill Clinton in the March issue of Vanity Fair just made you think, "I'm so over this 90s sex scandal," then join the club. Hillary Clinton has been waiting for you.

In the newest issue of People magazine set to hit newstands soon, Hillary Clinton gave an interview that revealed her true feelings towards her husband's former and infamous mistress.

HRC admitted that she never read Lewinsky's piece in Vanity Fair, citing a lack of interest and a desire to get over the affair that ended in her husband's impeachment.

I’m not going to comment on what did and didn’t happen. I think everybody needs to look to the future.

Hillary Clinton also insisted that she's since "moved on" and is looking forward to bigger and better things — although she's still remaining demure if this includes a presidential run in 2016.

Hillary said that no decision has been made yet, and that she's instead just living in the present moment as she contemplates her next move.

But Hillary did acknowledge that her candidacy would complete some "unfinished business" both for herself and for the women of the world who are looking for the US to elect its first female leader.

I think it reflects a desire on the part of a lot of Americans, not just women, that we have unfinished business. I’m certainly in the camp that says we need to break down that highest, hardest glass ceiling in American politics. To have a woman president is something I would love to see happen, but I’ll just have to make my own decision about what I think is right for me.

Hillary Clinton is already equivocating like a good politician, so hopefully she'll take the plunge and make a formal announcement soon.

H/T: Politico, Photo Credit: WENN