Science Says You Might Live Longer If You Got Your Period After This Age

Were you a late bloomer?

I'm sure you never thought about how the age you were when you got your first period affects how long you'll live, but according to a new study, it totally does.

Based on research by the University of California, San Diego, women who got their first visit from Aunt Flo later on were more likely to live longer. So that's great news for all you late bloomers out there.

Researchers analyzed data from 16,000 post-menopausal women collected by the Women's Health Initiative and found it's not just the age you get your first period that matters. When you start going through menopause is also an indicator of both overall health and longevity.

The research showed that starting menstruation at the age of 12 was the best indicator of a longer life. Same goes for hitting menopause after age 50. It also turns out that, over the years, women are generally starting their periods later on, meaning longevity is looking good for ladies across the board.

Another interesting finding was that women who got their periods later were also less likely to get diabetes or develop a smoking habit. In terms of other health issues tied to the timing of periods, Aladdin Shadyab, one of the lead authors of the study, also said,

Our team found that women who started menstruation at a later age were less likely to have certain health issues, like coronary heart disease, and those who experienced menopause later in life were more likely to be in excellent health overall, which may be a possible explanation for our findings.

So, if you were a late bloomer and you remember feeling anxious about when your first period would decide to make its debut, it was actually a good thing that it showed up late.

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