He Didn't Surprise Her With An Engagement, He Surprised Her With An Entire Wedding In One Day (Video)

While Carly spent six months abroad in England, her fiancé Adam, back home in Canada, planned a seriously sweet surprise.

Although she thought he was busy creating the perfect engagement party, he instead put together the most perfect, fairytale wedding so that his future wife wouldn't have to worry about a thing.

On the morning of August 3, Carly woke up to a note from Adam, detailing his love for her, and revealing his big surprise.

"There's no effort in loving you, it's like I was born to do it."

After she got over the original "Honey, what?" the two were able to enjoy the day, which had been planned down to every last detail by Adam and his future mother-in-law (and you know your hubby-to-be is a true keeper when he can book you a hairdresser and find you a dress that isn't totally hideous).

Luckily there was a camera crew to capture the wedding highlights -- since the guests were only informed minutes before the ceremony began that they were attending a wedding, most were probably under-prepared for the event.

H/T: Metro U.K.