A Recent Study Has Revealed That 54% Percent Of Americans Have Had Sex With A Co-Worker


One of the biggest office faux pas is hooking up with a co-worker. On very rare occasions an inter-office relationship can work out, but more often than not, an office hook up does not and you’re forced to face your past on a daily basis.

Most companies with a human resource office completely discourage, even forbid, inter-office relationships for this exact reason -- but the majority of us obviously never listen. According to a Business Insider survey of 2,500 employed Americans, 54 percent have had sex with a co-worker.

In addition to that, 84 percent of respondents claimed that they think they should be able to have sex with a work colleague. 64 percent of those surveyed also admitted that they’ve at east tried to hook up with a co-worker.

Interestingly enough, the more work-related website Glassdoor reported that only 12 percent of employees admitted to sleeping with a co-worker. Hmm, either Glassdoor survey responders are lying or they’re simply interviewing the wrong people.

If you really think about it, the work place is the most ideal place to meet a suitor. You spend the majority of your time at work (if you work a steady 9-5 job), so it’s only natural to pursue relationships with co-workers. Where else could you have constant access to the opposite sex?

Of course, there are potential harmful side effects to sleeping with a co-worker, so if you ever plan on pursuing this type of relationship, be sure to do so with caution and locked lips.

To see the full study, click here. 

Via Business Insider, Photo Credit: Getty Images