Harriet Tubman Was Voted To Replace Andrew Jackson On The $20 Bill

If American activists have their way, Andrew Jackson will soon be replaced on the $20 bill.

A 10-week-long poll by the nonprofit Women on 20s shows Harriet Tubman is the popular choice to replace the seventh president on the $20 bill.

BuzzFeed reports the campaign, which garnered support from celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Ellen DeGeneres, encouraged the United States government to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of its female citizens.

After asking visitors to vote on women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Wilma Mankiller, Women on 20s finally announced the most popular pick on Tuesday.

Tubman, the selected candidate, is best known as a legendary conductor of the Underground Railroad, making 19 trips in less than a decade.

Now that the campaign officially selected a candidate, all that remains is gaining federal approval.

Women on 20s sent President Obama the petition and encouraged supporters to join the "virtual march" by using the hashtag #DearMrPresident on social media.

The cause is even backed by legislators like Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

If the organization's campaign goes according to plan, Tubman will take her spot on the paper currency by 2020.


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