Harley-Davidson Just Released Two Badass Motorcycle Models For Women Riders

When one thinks of biker gangs, images of burly men in leather with handlebar mustaches and American-flag bandanas probably come to mind.

But iconic bike brand Harley-Davidson realizes that its users are much more than just the male, Hell's Angels type, and has introduced a new kind of bike to broaden its appeal to the emerging class of female riders.

Harley-Davidson has released two new motorcycle models, made specifically for the female form.

The Street 500 and Street 750 feature smaller handle grips, lower seats and different foot peg positions so that the ride will be more comfortable for the women who don't want to just sit in the bike, holding onto some guy as he navigates the open road.

And, although the design was made for women in mind, it doesn't forgo any of the badass nature of the classic bikes.

Harley-Davidson is even casting these new models — the company's first in 13 years — as the "little black number" that every woman needs in her garage.

With the rising number of motorcycles being sold to women, marking a 30 percent increase in the past 10 years alone, it's no surprise that Harley-Davidson has aptly decided to gear itself towards its female clientele, viewing them as just as important as the male customers who made Harley an icon in the first place.

via The Economic Times, Photo Credit: Getty Images