25 Spooky Nail Art Designs That Are Better Than Any Halloween Costume

There's a certain type of person who treats every day like it's just a countdown to Halloween.

Luckily, after an entire year of Christmas decorations and summer cocktails, we're finally nearing the creepy, rusty, itchy-scratchy holiday. After months of pretending like you don't sing "This Is Halloween" in the shower, you're finally free to embrace your inner freakshow.

And what better way to do it than with nail art?

Unlike polyester costumes (sexy poop emoji, anyone?) that cost a fortune, anyone with a steady hand can create their own scary nails.

Well, most of them.

Looking for a beauty look that will take you all the way 'til October 31? Halloween nail art is the way to go. Sit back, and admire the creativity of those who live and breathe crisp fall air and headless riders.

This is Halloween, after all.

Why not start with a Ouija board?

These nails are closer to your grandma's sweater than any Halloween costume.

Are you getting scared yet?

Longer nails definitely help create more space for elaborate designs.

After all, how can you create a masterpiece on a tiny canvas?

Blacklight nails are a solid choice for partygoers.

Why lose your whole costume to the lighting?

In brisk fall weather, mood nails can make a statement.

But if you're good with a paintbrush, there's no reason not to go just plain cute with your designs.

Betches love sugar skulls.

But scarier is always better, in my humble opinion.

Evil cackling pumpkin, anybody?

Gore will also do just fine.

These Other Mother-like spikes speak to my soul.

Try to watch this haunted house transformation just once.




I don't remember haunted houses being so metallic.

They're mostly dark and full of horrors.

Would you try Halloween nail art, if it took a more lighthearted approach to the season?

Painting your nails this intricately is an exercise in pre-Halloween patience.

Why trick or treat when you can treat yourself?