5 Reasons Why Every Single Girl Needs A Wingwoman On Her Side

by Maria Bellissimo

All single girls need their wing women. Single life can be frustrating, but when your friends are there to urge you to talk to the cute guy at the bar, or to laugh with you when all potential with the guy you like goes to sh*t, it’s much less daunting.

A good wingwoman is to a single girl what a good push-up bra is to a flat chest: necessary reinforcement.

Here’s what a good wingwoman can do for you:

1. Boost

A good wingwoman boosts you by boosting your confidence. She genuinely believes you can get any guy in the room. With that kind of faith backing you, you have a pretty damn good chance.

Confidence is the sexiest trait anyone can possess. If you exude it, you will attract it. You will also be motivated to use it by taking action to approach guys, instead of waiting to be approached.

A good wingwoman only contributes to that confidence. She encourages you to go up to that hot guy and flirt your way to his phone number because she has no doubt you can get it.

2. Enhance

A good wingwoman increases your approachability by being approachable herself.

Although I highly recommend being proactive by starting conversations with guys who interest you, you want to be sure you appear friendly so guys feel comfortable approaching you, as well.

Your company impacts your approachability. You could seem friendly, but if your friends seem standoffish, getting through them to get to you could discourage a guy. A good wingwoman is social, so guys feel at ease in their advances.

As long as you are equally social (because if you are the standoffish one, your friends can’t save you, no matter how gregarious they are), a social wingwoman enhances your appeal.

3. Adapt

A good wingwoman does what needs to be done in attempt to assure your success and safety. She relocates when necessary. When a target is acquired, she helps you get closer. When someone won’t leave you alone, she helps you find refuge.

She adjusts based on the conditions. She’s bubbly when required, but can switch into interrogation mode the second a guy suggests taking you anywhere “more comfortable.”

4. Evade

A good wingwoman gets out of the conversation with ease, and she knows when to make her presence elusive. If you’re going in on a guy or a guy has made his way to you and the conversation is going well, she knows her job is done for now.

No code words or signals are required; she acts based on intuition. Every good wingwoman’s got it.

5. Support

Most importantly, a good wingwoman is dedicated to your cause, and she is on the prowl with you. Sometimes, you don’t even have to be around. You are first to come to her mind when her boyfriend or husband introduces her to an attractive single friend of his.

When you lose focus (which is typical of me, especially when there is food in the vicinity), she is pointing out potentials to get you back on track.

Whether an encounter with a guy plays out well or not, she responds positively. When something goes right in your dating life, she’s busting out the wine, excited to hear all about it.

When some guy disappoints, she’s still busting out the wine, this time to drink with you to “no regrets.” After all, even the ones who drove you near insanity were fun while they lasted.