Glossier Ensures You Only Need One Product To Get Perfect Eyebrows


There are two kinds of eyebrows in this world: the sleek angles best known for their celebrated positions on the faces of movie stars, and the wild kind that appear to have escaped Arkham Asylum.

Glossier, the cosmetic capsule spin-off of Into The Gloss, finds a happy medium with its newest release, Boy Brow, $16. Somewhere between tattoo-like Instagram brows and the feared “sperm eyebrows” lies hair that's controlled without stiffening to the point where you're in danger of snapping off half an eyebrow by accident.

The brand prides itself on making women look their natural best, so you won't find any heavy pigment here. In fact, the teeny, 0.11 oz tube — just half the length and width of your favorite mascara -- combines beeswax, emollient derived from olive oil and collagen to bring you fluffy, non-slick brows.

The formula is supposedly reminiscent of an old-timey men's mustache wax.


To date, Glossier boasts a full line of skincare and seems to "break the Internet" every time it announces a new release. However, we see a lot of beauty samples around here with lofty claims, so we gave the tubes a trial run.

Each of the three shades — Blonde, Brown and Black — left us flabbergasted by their quality. Boy Brow amped up hard-to-see blonde brows and sat nicely on darker brown. The consistency played well with the rest of the face, instead of dominating it.

What's more, it only took seconds. Farewell to the days of maddeningly tiny eyebrow brushes and daily three-step routines.

We're converted devotees, and so are our formerly Woolly Mammoth eyebrows. Boy Brow is available for purchase exclusively on Compared to celebrated brow products like the $18 Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, this $16 tube is a bargain.