19 Typical Snapchats All Girls Send And What They Actually Mean

Snapchat is probably the best app out there right now, closely tied with Instagram.

It allows you to send your friends absolutely disgusting pictures of yourself while safely knowing they have disappeared — and if they haven't and your friend screenshots them, you'll be fully aware and can react accordingly.

Of course, with this app, there is usually an ulterior motive — a subtle brag, a need for sympathy or to show you're just having a really, really good hair day (which we all know is a perfect excuse to take 50+ photos and send them worldwide).

When you think about it, isn't everything a subtle brag?

But when it comes to Snapchat, this bragging has been taken to a whole new level.

At first, the pictures only lasted for a maximum of 10 seconds, but now, with the inclusion of stories, these stories last upwards of a day.

So what are girls really trying to do when they send you a snap? Obviously, it's not what it looks like on the surface...

1. The hungover snap = I still look good, but I also went hard last night

You woke up with your lights on and your outfit from the night before; there may or may not be an empty pizza box next to you in bed.

When a girl says she's hungover, she's really just trying to show that she can still look good after a night out and too many shots despite whatever sh*t she got into the night before.

2. The "I just spent all of this money I don't have" Snap

"Hey, I know I've been complaining about how broke I've been for the past two weeks, but you know I can't resist a good sale!!"

So I guess you aren't as broke as you claim? Well, that's the quickest way to prevent any future sympathy.

3. The "Look at my pimple" Snap

The best time to send one of these snaps is when you have multiple blemishes across your face, so you can use the drawing tool to connect the dots. Does anyone else do this? No? That's awkward...

Why do girls send these to people anyway? I guess it's to prove you really are just like everyone else? That is, until you hit send...

4. The "I just had sex" Snap

I hope the guy doesn't catch you taking this picture — and if he does, please don't pose together.

5. The "Who the F is this in my bed?" Snap

Well, good for you; you had a sleepover! Thank you so much for rubbing it in everyone else's face. I'm sure they are very happy to start their morning off like this — but not as happy as you.

6. The "I woke up like this" Snap

You are still rocking last night's makeup, so technically you look #flawless. Is this something you think everyone needs to see? Probably not, but that doesn't stop you from sending it...

7. The "WTF is going on right now?" Snap

What is even going on right now? I don't know, and neither do you...

8. The "Family girl" Snap

"Everyone look at how great of a person I am; I spend my free time with my family!" 

Way to make everyone who is currently nursing a hangover feel awful about themselves.

9. The "Feast" Snap

The only way people will believe you ate all of the food you claimed to is if you snap it for the world to see.

10. The "I'm trying not to be obvious, but look at my cleavage" Snap


11. The "I live in a better city than you" Snap

The fact that you can use a filter that displays your city across it really comes in handy at a time like this.

Congratulations, you live in LA, London or somewhere that isn't the typical basic destination.

12. The "Look how skinny I look at this angle" Snap

Again — WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. (We are doing it too, oops.)

13. The "This is the first club I've ever been at" Snap

Wow. A Snapchat at a club... never seen one before in my life. Thank God you sent that out. Now everyone really knows how "cool" you are.

14. The "I'm a party girl" Snap

Girls love showing other girls how hard they go. I'm not sure the last time an injury was something to be proud of, but that doesn't stop the snaps from being sent.

15. The "Look how late I can stay up!" Snap

That time filter really comes in handy when you are trying to show off the fact that you were out until 4 or 5 am. I'll watch it from my bed — thank you very much.

16. The "Hair flip" Snap

Every girl knows the second her hair looks perfect, every person she's ever encountered in her entire life will have a snap of it.

I mean it's not every day your hair looks good; actually most days, it looks terrible, so this behavior is completely acceptable and somewhat encouraged.

17. The "I'm so stoned — look at my drawing" Snap

Evan Spiegel was definitely high as sh*t when he created this option. I mean how else would you rationalize creating an option to draw on your own face, and then send it to other people — seriously, think about it.

18. The "Kylie Jenner lips" Snap

Yes, it is awkward, but sadly this is how people "flirt" these days. Weird? Yes. Effective? Probably.

19. The "Look at my significant other" Snap

This is the most subtle brag of all time. Everybody knows you have one; please stop showing us. Everyone is so, so happy for you, but can you just stop. Please?