Everything I Want To Say To Women Not Getting Married

by Carly Klaassen

I know I can't be the only one who occasionally goes crazy while scrolling through multiple news feeds seeing endless announcements pop up.

"Brooklyn is pregnant!" "Tom and Jess are engaged!" "Photo album for Tracy and Braydon's Wedding are Up!"

OK, we get it. You're happy, and you should be, but this is tiresome.

It's literally getting exhausting just keeping up with old friends.

It seems the goal these days is finding a significant other that will eventually become your spouse. This person will be everything.

They will be who you go everywhere with (say bye to your girlfriends being your plus one), who you buy your first house with and who you have babies with.

It's as if we're being taught that life only begins once you find someone. Up until that point, you are nobody.

When did being one person, instead of two, mean your life doesn't have as much value?

Maybe this isn't the truth. Actually, I know it isn't. However, I really do believe our society is teaching us to believe it.

Because society is forcing this down our throats, I've watched far too many people rush into relationships and marriages because they're terrified of being alone. They don't want to do it any longer, so they just settle.

Yes, there are good marriages. I've seen those too. But the point of this article isn't about the quality of marriage, or really marriage at all.

This article is for the single girls, the ones who refuse to settle. Because who's clapping for us? Besides our mothers' pity claps, no one.

You are important and your life is just as significant as any other person on this Earth.

You got a new job, you travelled a couple hours away or to the other side of the Earth and you cooked yourself a freaking great meal, for one. You shoveled your own driveway. And you hung that frame in your living room all by yourself.

You need to be paying attention to the victories, even the small ones. I promise you they'll make you feel 10 times better about yourself.

See your value and don't settle for anyone just because you're tired of waiting. You're worth much more than that. I'm sure you've heard it before, but listen to me now.

And for the girl who thought she'd be married this year: maybe he left, maybe he called it off, maybe you saw something in him you didn't originally see and you walked away. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that sometimes life doesn't turn out how we think it will.

You have every right to lay on the bathroom floor and cry about it. I know that when you're done, you'll pick yourself up again and keep going. You're stronger than you know for waking up today.

Know though, this doesn't mean singleness is a permanent curse for you. You might learn to love it, you might fall in love with life in ways you didn't know you could. And one day, you'll fall in love again.

To wrap this up, remember there's a God above who has your perfectly written story already finished. He knows the plans ahead of you and they're going to be good.

Remember the importance of falling in love with life, before you fall in love with people.

Fall in love with your favorite coffee shop. Fall in love with books you read. Fall in love with spending time with your family. Whatever it is, fall in love with it.

We all have the path we have for reasons, and one day those reasons will come to light and darling, they will be amazing.