17 Things You Will Always Do For A Girl, Even If You Hate Her

Girls are a weird species, and yes, I'm allowed to say that because I am one.

We love each other, envy each other, fight each other, give each other backhanded compliments, hate each other, and then we start the cycle all over again.

But regardless of where we are at in this cycle, there are certain things we will always do for our fellow sisters because, at the end of the day, we're all in this together.

I mean, if you were walking around with a stain on the back of your pants thanks to Aunt Flo, wouldn't you want a female passerby to let you know what's up?

I mean, didn't you learn anything from Gretchen Wieners when it comes to the rules of feminism?

That chick was a mean girl, no doubt about it, but she did give up certain things to appease friends she didn't even actually like.

And if that's not the epitome of sisterhood, then I really don't know what is.

Here are some things all girls will do for other girls -- even if those they hate.

1. Give compliments in the bathroom

For some reason, the bathroom has become the home of insecurities.

Regardless of how confident you may be in yourself, the fluorescent lighting in this area is enough to make you run home and never go out in public again.

This is exactly why we must band together and let the compliments fly, regardless of if we even mean them or if we don't like the person.

2. Offer up a shoulder to cry on

Crying is never a good look on anyone. It's basically an unwritten rule to ask a "cry-er" if she is okay.

You may not actually want to hear the response, but offering up that little bit of sympathy can go a long way, and by a long way, I mean karma.

3. Hand over your last tampon

You must be a real POS if you don't fork over a tampon to a girl in need. I have no further explanation.

4. Tell her when her boyfriend is cheating on her

There's a big difference between telling a girl for selfish reasons (i.e. to hurt her) and because no female should ever be exposed to such bullsh*t.

It's time to place your issues aside because no one deserves that, not even your worst enemy.

5. Makeup touch-up assistance

There is really nothing worse than a girl whose foundation does not match her neck.

I don't care if I hate you or don't know you, if that's a look you're rocking, it's a look I'm fixing for you.

6. Wardrobe malfunctions

Woof, is there anything worse than rolling out of a bathroom with your skirt tucked into your underwear?

No need to answer that, I already know what you're going to say.

7. Save her from being creeped on

Everyone knows it's essentially impossible to get away from a creepy guy, regardless of how straightforward you're being.

Sometimes you just need reinforcements, and that's exactly where you come into play.

8. Letting her know a guy's real intentions

If you've hit it and quit it, been there and done that and know what's going on in a guy's head, it's only right you forewarn a fellow female.

9. Throw her the pity 11th Instagram like

I see you, girl. You're drowning. It's okay that 23 minutes have passed, and you haven't hit that double-digit mark -- I've got your back.

10. Give her that validation she is desperately seeking

You know this girl bought a new outfit or got a risky haircut and is desperately seeking the approval of others.

That's not the way you roll, but you know your words are worth a fortune, so you give her some -- but just the minimal amount.

11. Engage in the dreaded "stop and chat"

You've already made eye contact -- there's no going back now.

12. Let her know when her weave is showing

This is just good practice. The last thing you want are the clips of your hair extensions showing for all of the world to see.

13. Pointing out teeth/nose issues

If you've been talking to someone for more than five minutes, and he or she doesn't point out the very obvious issues you have going on, you do not need this person in your life.

14. Give her some gum

Insert lyrics to Kanye's "Workout Plan" here...

15. Defend her "craziness"

I've yet to meet a woman who hasn't been called crazy at least once in her life. And by once, I mean five times.

16. Send her home when she's too drunk


17. Maintain solidarity in a room full of guys

Sometimes it gets uncomfortable being the only chick in a room full of dudes, so if there's one other girl in the room, it's important to stick together. Yes, even if you dislike her.

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