This Girl Did Her Boyfriend's Makeup Just Like Hers And He Looks Flawless

The best part of being in a relationship is, hands down, the freedom to do whatever you want without judgement. Whether you're picking your nose or trying (and failing) at hot Bikram yoga, love smooths out all the social awkwardness you'd normally have.

Talk to couples for too long, and you'll see they're all busy grooming one another's brows and practicing striptease routines in the privacy of their homes. Certainly, every woman you know has thought about doing her partner's makeup, even if she hasn't actually gone through with it.

In a popular post on Reddit's MakeupAddiction forum, Australian user BurritoBondage posted that she'd finally gone and done it. And, after completing her beau's face, she mirrored the look on her own.

Although he has a wild beard and eyebrows worthy of Khal Drogo, the man looks good. According to his girlfriend, he wore the makeup for a solid four hours.


These photos just reiterate the point that 90 percent of men are really missing out on this whole “looking perfect all the time” thing women have going. A little BB cream and a bronze eye have never killed anyone.

BurritoBondage told the forum she completed the look with Maybelline foundation and concealer, Physician's Formula nude shimmer shadow, ELF blush and Mary Kay eyeliner. Perhaps most astonishingly for a makeup lover, she actually used her Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (the holy grail of eyebrow products) on her beau.


The completed twin makeup looks are more "going out" then they are "The Shining," so I give this Redditor the stamp of beauty editor approval. Beard or not, her boyfriend is really pulling off this whole glam thing. Granted, not every man is secure enough in his sexuality to try out a shimmery eye.

Ah, well. That's more makeup for the rest of us.