Girl Code: 47 Things All Women Need To Start Doing More Of For Each Other

Ladies, when did we become enemies, instead of allies? When did we start seeing each other as competitors, instead of teammates? When did we replace sisterhood with spinsterhood? When did we stop being on the same side and start playing against each other?

In a society over-saturated with Tinder, dick picks and countless cases of catcalls, rape and misogyny, why aren't women banding together instead of fighting one another?

Why aren't we teaming up to fight the enemy rather than creating more opposition for each other? Why are we hurting each other on top of all the men who are hurting us?

There are few things we hold sacred in this world, and the bond between women should be one of them. I'm not sure exactly when we let it fall apart, but it needs to be mended.

The chains need to be linked back together, the ropes pulled tighter and women need to start being f*cking nice to each other again. The trust needs to be earned again and the respect gained back. Because if we don't have our sisters, who do we have?

All the men who kick us and beat us when we're down? The boys who break our hearts and leave us to rot? I'm tired of seeing the malicious treatment of our fellow sisters, when we there should be one common enemy: man.

I'm tired of the gossip and the rumors, the petty insults and the slut-shaming. I'm tired of hurting one another over men who should be scared to break the sacred bond between us.

Men have their bro-code, so why don't women have a girl-code? Why are men the only ones who get the bond of "bros before hoes." Why are they always there for each other, and women always there with a knife?

We should be building each other up, kicking men to the curb and banning together as one strong force. We should be licking each other's wounds, not shredding them until our limbs must be amputated.

Life is too short to cry over boys who break our hearts and women who hurt our feelings. It's too short for drama and feeling insecure. It's too goddamn short to be fighting with the people who should have your back and understand your pain.

So in a call to reunite the bond of sisterhood, here are 47 things women need to do more for each other:

1. Stop keeping score, start taking more tequila shots.

2. Push her forward, not off a cliff.

3. Help her get ready for a date instead of bitching about it.

4. Buy her an iced coffee instead of icing her out.

5. Gossip over reality TV, not each other.

6. Let the grudges go and just watch “The Grudge.”

7. Brush her hair, don't just brush her off.

8. Compliment her outfit instead of talking about it.

9. Go to a movie rather than create dramatic scenes.

10. Spread your love, not her secrets.

11. Don’t blow her guy, just blow her mind.

12. Give her candy hearts, not fake promises.

13. Hate her ex, don’t date her ex.

14. Help her buy new clothes, don’t close her off.

15. Lend her your stuff, don't steal hers.

16. Don’t slut-shame, be sluts together.

17. Don’t walk all over her, make her feel good on her own two feet.

18. Help her dye her hair, never let her die inside.

19. Bake cookies together, don’t make her feel guilty about eating them.

20. Give her a shoulder to cry on, not a cold shoulder.

21. Retweet her, don’t mistreat her.

22. Love her, not her boyfriend.

23. Take her out for dinner, instead of taking her man.

24. Have her back, don’t stab her in it.

25. Never be her judge, always be her lawyer.

26. Be on her side, not rooting against it.

27. Don’t put her to work, work with her.

28. Sing her praises, not a different tune.

29. Lie next to her, not to her face.

30. Never bail on her, always her bail her out.

31. Never be mean, always mean what you say.

32. Don’t hate, just hate on her haters.

33. Pick out her outfits, not on her.

34. Don’t take her out with words, take her out with your credit card.

35. Don’t whine about her, share some wine with her.

36. Don’t blow up her spot, smoke her up.

37. Keep her close, don’t close her off.

38. Throw her a party, not under the bus.

39. Don’t hold her back, but always hold her hair back.

40. Drive her around, don’t drive her crazy.

41. Send her Snapchats, never snap at her.

42. Give her a leg up, don’t kick her down.

43. Hold on to her, not your anger.

44. Fix her problems, don’t just make them.

45. Buy her a drink, don’t throw one in her face.

46. Remind her that’s she’s great, don’t make her wonder.

47. Call her to catch up, never call her names.