14 Reasons Why Your Sister Is Your Favorite Person To Get Drunk With

Alexey Kuzma

It's no secret that we love our sisters. The only time we might love her more than we already do is at the bar, when taking drunk "I love you" shots brings you two together.

There really is no better person to get drunk with than your sister. She'll take care of you even if you puke on her.

She'll still love you in the morning after you told her she was adopted. And she'll laugh as you barely hold it together while drunkenly hitting on another patron.

Whereas others might be embarrassed by your sloppy behaviors, being that you are flesh and blood, your sister is proud.

Dorothy said, "There's no place like home," and while this may be true, it's even better when alcohol is involved.

Here's why your sister is the best person to get totally sh*tfaced with.

1. You don't feel weird passing out at her place

Her bed is your bed-away-from-home. There won't be any hesitation to hog the covers and climb right in.

You're not going to wake up and immediately want to get the hell out of there. There's free hot water and pancakes to be consumed first.

2. No matter what, she will still love you in the morning

After slurring that your sister was actually adopted while drinking straight from the bottle and then quasi-throwing up in it, she might not like you though. The great thing about your drunk sister, however, is that she won't get upset -- she won't remember at all.

3. Your parents will be equally disappointed in both of you

When blaming it on the a-a-a-alcohol doesn't work, you can share the shame with your sister. “Sorry Mom and Dad, we didn't mean to kill Fido, but at least we're still alive!”

4. She already knows everything

So nothing is accidentally drunkenly revealed (except that time you confessed to “borrowing” her sweater and never returning it).

You won't say something you'll regret because you can't possibly embarrass her in front of the entire fourth grade again.

5. Because you actually mean it when you drunkenly slur that you lurrrve herrrr

Those “I Love You!” Fireball shots are 100 percent genuine. And sickening.

Because nothing says “I love you” like purposely sacrificing your liver for her delight and suffering through the hangover together, kind of like that "High School Musical" song.

6. You can charge it to your parents' credit card and call it “bonding”

“Jamie and I were fighting over Grey Goose versus Kettle One, so we did the responsible thing (like you said to do), made up and bought both!” You and your sister should totally hang out more.

7. It's always something new

The plans are always different and more adventurous when you go out with your sister.

You're either joining her friends, grouping her into your own, or making completely new ones when you both are trashed and uncharacteristically friendly to outsiders.

8. There's no gossip aftermath

If you do something completely out-of-character or super shady, you can trust that the only person who will know about it is your sister.

She won't incite rumors or talk behind your back about your inability to dance like a human. What happens between you two, stays between you two.

9. You can drunk reminisce together

Taking a drunk walk down memory lane with your sister is even more satisfying than getting her completely obliterated.

It's way more fun to talk about the past when you both can't remember it clearly. Plus, now you can tell her what you really thought of her high school boyfriend.

10. You don't need to worry about morals

She's the one encouraging you to take off your top for a free round. That's what sisters are for.

11. She'll be honest about your outfit

Your sister isn't going to hold back from telling you that you look like Dennis Rodman's jock strap.

Because you are a direct reflection of her, she expects you to dress to her standards. You can throw up in a trash can, but you can't look like one.

12. Everyone is jealous of your Sister-gram

When you upload a photo of you and your sister being all drunky lovey-dovey, it's sure to make waves on Instagram.

Friends are jealous that they'll never be as close and boys are jealous that they can't get in the middle.

13. You're going to the same place after

What is better than carpooling with your sister? Carpooling DRUNK with your sister, harassing the cab driver to put on your favorite sing-along song and stopping at three different places for late night... And then eventually making it home.

14. You can pretend you're twins!

And hit on guys and compete for who is the hotter sister. It's not sick, it's sisterly.