Get Runway Ready With These DIY Stylish Outfits Made From Thrift Shop Clothes (Photos)

Fashion designer Jillian Owens transforms "ugly" vintage pieces of clothing into stylish new outfits on her website, ReFashionista.

She's doing this to fight against unfair labor practices of "fast fashion giants," vowing to only dress in clothes she finds in thrift stores. The Columbia, South Carolina, native creates DIY projects out of the frumpy outfits in order to "change the way the world thinks about fashion."

"I was worried about the impact on our planet as people tossed out their one-time-wear duds more and more quickly to make room for the newer and cheaper clothing.

A post on her website, for example, shows Owens transforming a large, $1 polyester dress into a summer wrap with the use of only scissors and no sewing. Another post shows her turning a dress with two layers of fabric into a crop-top and maxi skirt.

She cut off the bottom of the top layer and sewed a hem on the newly created edge. Her leftover material was used to create a sash.

Most of her clothes, she says, take less than an hour to make.

Owens graduated with a BFA in Theater and English from the University of South Carolina. She confesses that ReFashionista really began because she was broke and couldn't afford new clothing, but she realized how important it was to "dress well on the cheap without hurting the environment."

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: ReFashionista