Get A Job If You’re Beautiful

I often times hear (from men) that if you’re beautiful, then you have a lot more advantages in the world. I’ve always thought that this was a joke of some sort. I mean, guys think that if you’re a good looking girl that everyone opens doors for you, pays for everything, gives you discounts, etc.

Maybe I’m just not beautiful, but I’ve never experienced this treatment first hand, and surely have never seen it happen to beautiful people around me. However, there’s a new job recruitment site in our midst, that seems to be disproving my idea that beautiful people don't get everything handed to them.

There’s a website called In case you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s premise is as follows: you submit an application and are subsequently judged soley on your looks before you’re allowed to put up a profile. (Only one in seven applicants are accepted on this site, which boasts just about 750,000 members). The site has just launched a new job listing service, which maintains “an attractive face is always a great first impression for any business.”

Wait, this has to be a joke right? First of all, who in the world would want to be a member on a website like this? I’m pretty sure if anyone found out about said membership, they’d write you off for being a pathetic narcissist. Also, where does this website get off trying to hire people for jobs based off their looks? And what jobs are only seeking beautiful people?

Please, Elite Daily readers, value yourself at something more than just a pretty face, and try to get a job on your own merit, not based on how pretty you are.

Photo Credit: Getty Images