Here's Some Bullsh*t You Might Deal With If Your Boss Is A Republican

by Alexia LaFata

New horrible data from the Washington Post reveal that women face far more disadvantages in offices in which their bosses are Republicans as opposed to Democrats.

Seth Carnahan, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Brad Greenwood, an assistant professor at Temple University, analyzed data from the nation’s top 200 law firms between 2007 and 2012. They looked at press clippings, legal directories and political donation records to learn about the firm's culture and to figure out the bosses' political affiliations.

Their conclusion? Female lawyers with Republican bosses were significantly less likely to make partner than female lawyers with Democrat bosses. Carnahan says that "the gender gap in promotions is almost twice as large when your bosses are conservative, compared to when your bosses are predominately liberal."

Female lawyers don't only receive fewer promotions under Republican bosses. They are also less likely to be chosen by their bosses for client teams and are more likely to ultimately leave their firms.

When conducting this research, Carnahan and Greenwood were sure to take a number of different controls into account. According to the Post:

"[This] 'conservative boss effect' isn’t explained by differences in legal specialties or geographic patterns. The study controls for those factors, and it takes into account the gender and racial makeup of partners at a firm. Between two similar offices, in similar areas of the law, the place with the more conservative atmosphere has more gender inequality."


I can't say I'm surprised at any of this. Conservative viewpoints on gender roles are as "traditional" (read: archaic) as they come. Women won't even be given the chance to succeed in a place where they have already been pigeonholed as the barefoot-and-pregnant caretaker of a family. BACK TO THE KITCHEN, I GUESS.