The 8 Benefits You Get From Your Girls Rather Than The Boys


Girlfriends are like the sisters you wish you had. They provide daily entertainment, loyalty and love when you need it most. They soak up your feelings and empathize with you when you’re at the best and worst versions of yourself.

We often mistakenly take our friends for granted, whether we don't have time to hang out with them or just forget to answer their texts.

While friendships have their ups and downs, they are the best and most supportive people (aside from family) with whom we engage, so it’s important to provide credit where it is deserved.

Check out the eight ways that your girlfriends are superior to your “friend with benefits” relationship:

1. Good food

We all have that friend who has a grocery-store-happy mother. You can open the cabinet at any time of the day and be presented with your childhood favorites. This is the kind of friend for whom you would take a bullet because nothing’s better than a stocked fridge.

2. Selfie opinions

Sending your selfie options to your friends takes away the stress of deciding on your own. They'll provide you with a guaranteed number of likes, as well.

3. Comfy sweats from their exes or brothers

They're never giving these back... and neither are you.

4. A comfortable bed

The most comforting feeling is reclining in a big bed, loaded with pillows and blankets. Going to your friend’s house with tears streaming down your face after a bad breakup and lying on a cloud is the best kind of escape from your unfortunate reality.

5. Quick shave sesh

You forgot to shave your legs but want to hang out with your new boo. And between you and me, that leg hair is so long, it could easily be braided. Your bestie will provide you with a razor, and you will provide her with a story later on.

6. Netflix password

This is self-explanatory; thank you, bestie.

7. Chapstick

The ultimate girl dilemma: Chapped lips and no Chapstick. In your time of need, a girlfriend will undoubtedly help you out with some Burt's Bees.

8. Someone to vomit on who won't break up with you

Ah, the classic puke-and-hug. The friend who holds your hair back after one too many tequila shots... you projectile vomit all over her shoes and then hug her to thank her for the loyalty. And she hugs back. That’s a forever kind of love.

Photo credit: Spring Breakers