Diamond Or Fake? 7 Ways To Uncover The Real Friendships In Your Life

Finding a handful of friends who we implicitly trust, who we rely on to have our backs and who always see the good in us, is incredibly difficult. These types of friendships are rare gems.

Fortunately, with age, we come to realize we only need a handful of these rare gems to help us through life. But it can sometimes be difficult to establish whether you've found yourself a real diamond, or simply a fake cubic zirconia.

Granted, it is often hard to tell the difference.

They can look just as good. They can often stand in place of the real thing and shine in all the right spots.

The fake friends are totally with you for all the highs, but when you hit rock bottom, they are nowhere to be found, except frolicking around social media with their new, exciting and totally cooler-than-you bestie.

Establishing which people are your actual BFFs is hard work. The good news, however, is through a natural process of trial and error, you come to learn the giveaway signs.

Here are the top seven giveaways:

1. Your cubic zirconia loves to catch up,

But only when you are the “trending” friend of the month, or if you have something she conveniently needs.

For example, you have a killer wardrobe, which the cubic zirconia can always find time to raid. But when the shoe is on the other foot, she is unfortunately unavailable.

2. Your cubic zirconia loves to chat.

All day, every day about her love life, career and family.

Yet, you struggle to recall the last time your life was ever mentioned, let alone discussed.

3. Your cubic zirconia loves to tell everyone. isn't possible to have any life outside of her. (No offense, but how dare you?)

4. Your cubic zirconia loves to dish out compliments.

But will always end them with something you need to work on.

“OMG I love your hair, but do you, like, have split ends?”

5. Your cubic zirconia loves to give you fashion advice.

Only later, you find yourself tagged in a majorly unflattering picture on Instagram (#nofilter).

6. Your cubic zironcia loves to withhold any sort of evidence.

...That the two of you actually “hang out.”

A standard Facebook check-in (which you would usually be tagged in with your diamond) is simply off-limits!

7. You would rather die than have your cubic zirconia see you, warts and all.

Unshowered, no makeup, in trackies and with a really bad hair day.

Every friendship does not have to be on the same level as the one you have with your diamonds.

It's possible to develop friendships that can bring you just as much joy and happiness, but we need to stop the ones in which we hang out just for the sake of it.

The ones who like to crack an evil smile, while delivering some horrendous version of what they call a “compliment,” and the ones who tend to conveniently let slip those things that were kind of a big secret, are simply not our friends.

We do not need them bringing us down.