Freeze Your Fat

I’ll put money on the fact that the majority of you are hoping to lose weight in 2013. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be physically fit and healthier, but it seems as if the days eating right and hitting the gym are far-gone.

The newest post-holiday weight-loss gimmick? Freezing your fat off. Um, what?

A process called ‘CoolSculpting’ is a procedure that involves clamping a gel patch to your skin, which freezes the fat cells beneath at sub-zero temperatures. The dead and frozen cells are then flushes away by your body after a period of months.

CoolSculpting was developed by California scientists and was approved by the FDA all the way back in 2010, but it seems as if it’s getting more traction more recently. Many women, and even men, have been more willing to try this procedure. Even though it’s considered to be a form of plastic surgery, it’s less painful and simpler than liposuction, even though I’m not exactly sure how it can be so effective.

What do you think? Would you freeze your fat off?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images