10 Times Fetty Wap's Lyrics Were Actually Secret Feminist Rants

Could there finally be a hip-hop rapper who not only adores tits and ass, but also believes in equality for all women?

Hip-hop queen MC Lyte thinks so.

During a hip-hop roundtable discussion for the White House Council on Women and Girls Summit, Lyte referred to Fetty Wap as a "hip-hop feminist."

She says,

He may have a very unique way of presenting his ideas, but he does love women. For what he's up against in this climate with all of the other emcees, he's taking a stand. He's being pretty courageous right now with what it is that he presents in his music, because it's really not the norm... You win the challenge when you're able to get your message across without degrading your sister, or your woman or your mother.

Lyte might have a point.

Unlike a lot of his fellow rap-mates, the one-eyed New Jersey rapper rattles off woman-friendly sweet nothings on most of his tunes.

His words are the kind of lyrical affection that made Taylor Swift and Beyoncé give him major cosigns.

Even though Fetty openly appreciates a ride-or-die chick, that doesn't mean he's fit to become a modern-day Gloria Steinem just yet.

Feminism is about much more than letting your girl help you sell drugs.

No word on whether Fetty's out in Paterson burning bras or anything, but there's no doubt he puts p*ssy on a pedestal.

And he has the hits to proves it.

"Trap Queen"

Fetty doesn't just love strippers; he respects them. Of course, he lets his number one lady assist in paying these booty-shaking dancers' bills.

Lyric: "And I can ride with my baby/I be in the kitchen cookin' pies with my baby, yeah."

Fetty is clearly all about couple activities. Even if "Bring Your Girlfriend To Work Day" isn't a real thing, Fetty wants his queen by his side while he works.


You might have no clue how to "finesse" anything, let alone a drug supplier. Still, when Fetty croons these words, women want to learn.

Lyric: "I'll teach you how to jugg with me, aye."

Fetty isn't selfish with his business savvy. He's willing to educate his woman properly, just in case she wants her own business someday.

"My Way"

Fetty can be a bit possessive, but we kind of see where he's going with this.

Lyric: "Ba-Ba-Baby, this is something you should know/I don't ever chase no hoes."

Though Fetty seems pro-equal opportunity for women, his love isn't divided quite so evenly.


He'll beg for a woman's love, but will he use his auto-tuned vocals to help bridge the gender pay gap?

"D.A.M. (Dats All Me)"

Fetty likes being in charge. But to be a real feminist, you've got to let a lady steer the ship sometimes.

Lyric: "Baby let me take you out, would you like it if I kissed you now?/Ain't tryna force you so let me know if it's workin'."

Thankfully, he's dedicated to pleasing you without all the rapey Bill Cosby posturing.

Lyric: "I treat my girl like a Queen, she gets whatever she needs/And when I tell her I'm hungry she says 'Boy get on your knees.'"

If his notions about bedroom equality are any indication, Fetty is the closest thing to a male feminist after Bernie Sanders.

All he needs to do now is spit a few bars about these women's issues, and he'll be a shoo-in with the ladies.

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