7 Female Power Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

by Emily Arata

There's a feeling of inspiration that comes from being surrounded by brainy, witty women. When all your friends gather in the same place, you've surely felt it: a glow of feminism, intellectual stimulation and compassion.

Unfortunately, our girlfriends can't follow us around and chat during the majority of the day. We're busy running to the office, trying to push out another mile at the gym and going on yet another blind date. It's exhausting trying to be the best at everything in our lives, and so we find ourselves wearing down mentally.

The cure for the ladyboss blues: A dash of audio inspiration from the wittiest ladies on the Internet.

In the wake of Sarah Koenig-led "Serial," 2015 has seen an upswing in the popularity of female-run podcasts covering a range of subjects. It's a medium that's no longer exclusive to NPR devotees.

In just a half hour, these ladies will make you laugh while exploring subjects like sex, careers and underboob sweat.

First Time

Recorded by: Dear Kate

Periods are a crucial part of every adult woman’s life, so why don’t we ever talk about them? Dear Kate, the lined underwear label that's made menstruation its everyday business, aims to put an end to the Red Sea silence in its new podcast “First Time.”

In a series of interviews, comedian Emma Willmann asks her fellow professionals about their own humorous and shameful experiences on the rag.

Everyone has a humiliating period story, but not everyone will own up to it.

Sex Lives

Recorded by: New York Magazine's Maureen O’Connor, David Wallace-Wells and Allison P. Davis

New York Magazine’s The Cut is well-known for study-based journalism and smart social commentary. The site’s foremost sex writers, Maureen O’Connor and Allison P. Davis, have decided to take their sex-vangelization into the airwaves and off the page. Alongside editor David Wallace-Wells, the pair talk about subjects that don’t often get attention, including couples’ masturbation and sex on reality television.

Dear Sugar Radio

Recorded by: Authors Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond

If reading "Wild" made you inspired to take charge of your life, whose advice is better to follow than that of Strayed? Stepping into the shoes of Dear Abby, Strayed and Almond dole out compassionate strategies for problem-solving. Confused about sexuality, love found online and financial woes, fans ask this writing duo for help.

This show is the perfect listen for your after-work commute, and you'll want to tell all your friends. You may even find yourself a convert to Dear Sugar's credo of so-called "radical empathy."

Magic Lessons

Recorded by: Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat, Pray, Love" fame

Fresh from the final pages of her new book on creativity, "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear," Gilbert found that she wasn't quite ready to finish up her study of the imagination. Instead of heading into her next page-turner, the author launched a podcast to seek inspiration and creative strategies from the people she admires most.

Feeling like you've hit a dead end? Turn on "Magic Lessons" and let it inspire you.

Lady to Lady

Recorded by: Comedians Tess Barker, Barbara Gray and Brandie Posey

If you desperately pine for the banter of “Gilmore Girls” but can’t sit down long enough to pick up a new television show, give “Lady to Lady” a try. Comedian trio Tess Barker, Barbara Gray and Brandie Posey use their time on air to talk about boob sweat and the coconut oil trend. Most importantly, they share earnest reflections on what’s it’s like to be a woman struggling to succeed in 2015.

Double X Gabfest

Recorded by: A rotating cast of Slate writers

You know what it's like to sit down at brunch and converse with a group of feminist friends who are all insanely pop culture aware? Far from being a dry take on the news, Double X Gabfest invites writers of all genders to converse about women's issues on the Internet.

Dyed armpit hair, rape culture and Rihanna -- the gang’s all here. Tune in to catch up on the news and flex your feminist side at the same time.

Girl On Guy

Recorded by: Funny lady Aisha Tyler

We’re technically cheating here because this is a podcast about men. Comedian Aisha Tyler, whom you might recognize from her role as Lana Kane on “Archer,” interviews all of her favorite men on subjects they love. Whether you’re into LL Cool J or “Magic Mike” beefcake Joe Manganiello, Tyler has a new take on them.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry — and you’ll wonder if men really are from Mars after all.