Respected Female Doctor Says Women On Their Periods Shouldn't Make Big Decisions


A prominent United Arab Emirates (UAE) doctor shocked female professionals yesterday by reportedly proclaiming that women should avoid making important decisions while on their periods.

Dr. Maryam Matar is internationally recognized as the founder of UAE Genetic Diseases Association and respected as a female leader.

In front of a gathered crowd at Dubai's annual Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit, Matar spoke about the professional decisions she regrets making.

She said,

Matar said that estrogen could be the downfall of professional women, adding that those in positions of power should track their cycle so as to avoid making impassioned decisions.

She also advised women to schedule board meetings later in their cycle so they are "less violent."

She said,

Matar's speech reportedly angered many of the women gathered.

Several remarked that had a man said the same thing, he would have immediately been attacked by both the media and the feminist movement.

via 7 Days in Dubai, Photo Courtesy: Fox