There Is An All-Female Town In Brazil That Celebrates Womanhood Every Day (Photos)

by Emily Arata

The town of Noiva de Cordeiro in southeast Brazil has taken the myth of the Amazons a bit too literally. Now, they're inviting male visitors in for the first time.

The all-female town, home to about 600 residents, is quite the revolutionary idea. Although some of the women are married, their husbands and sons live elsewhere during the work week. The men follow their wives' rules and only return on weekends.

The women manage every aspect of the town, including its agricultural system.

Residents say the town's only downside is the difficulty in finding a boyfriend or husband. They're interested in inviting men to the town, but only if they understand the guidelines and lifestyle.

Maria Senhorinha de Lima founded the tiny town in 1891, after being banished from her village for alleged adultery.

According to the legend, she simply escaped the man that she was being forced to marry.

Other women joined her, and were branded as loose women because of the lack of men in the community. Since then, the town has come a long way.

Rosalee Fernandes, 49, says the town is more harmonious than it would be if men lived there, too.

When problems or disputes arise, we resolve them in a woman's way, trying to find consensus rather than conflict. We share everything, even the land we work on. Nobody competes with anyone here. It's all for one, and one for all. The whole town came together recently to help buy a huge widescreen TV for our community centre so we can all watch soap operas together. And there's always time to stop and gossip, try on each other's clothes and do each other's hair and nails.

Scroll down to see the antics in Noiva de Cordeiro.

All generations are welcome in Noiva de Cordeiro.

The women run the town without help from men.

The girls put on shows within their community.

It looks like a pretty good time.

The younger residents say even the most beautiful girls find it hard to get a date.

The women gather in the public spaces.

Three residents show off their guitar skills.

This isn't an everyday event.

Most women work in the town's agricultural industry.

These girls even drive the tractors.

They work together to grow the crops.

But, they always have a smile for the camera.

A few women help put up decorations for a town-wide festival.

A few girls gather for a photo.

This village doesn't seem like a bad  place to spend time.

Even the littlest members get the idea.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Facebook