High-Fashion Clique: What Your Favorite 'It Girl' Model Says About You

It's hard to describe exactly who or what an It Girl model is. You just know her when you see her.

The It Girl model isn't necessarily a supermodel (yet), and she isn't certainly isn't the girl walking down every single runway (she picks and chooses the most important ones).

The It Girl model is charismatic, stunningly beautiful and ubiquitous.

She's the model we wish and believe we could be best friends with. She posts relatable selfies of her and her equally fabulous crew just as often as she uploads shots of the magazine covers she graces.

Her style is always effortless, and we're dying to be the one she calls when she and her equally famous, on again/off again beau are on the rocks.

An It Girl casually refers to the face of Chanel as "Karl." She lives her life jetsetting between London, LA, Paris and New York.

Her sunglasses game is notoriously strong. And she's probably been to Taylor Swift's TriBeCa apartment to make cookies and dress up in sleeping gowns on multiple occasions.

Her worldwide media presence gives us access to her pregames, her coffee runs and her closet, so we feel like we know her.

And because these It Girls -- the Karlies, Kendalls and Caras -- are so dizzyingly addicting and interesting, we can't help but choose our favorites.

Karlie Kloss

You’re a homebody at heart. While you’re killing it at your job, you’ll still drop everything for the people you love. Friends and family will always come first to you.

Because you're this down to earth, you're extremely easy to talk to, and you know the value of a true friend and a good listener.

You’re talented in your own right, but you're confident enough with yourself to be able to share the spotlight with a best friend or coworker.

Kendall Jenner

You like to be the center of attention. If Kendall’s your favorite, it doesn’t mean you want to be her best friend. You actually want to be her. No one wants to compete with the Kendall in the room.

You’re also probably still pretty close with your family, but you’re an independent b*tch with a good head on her shoulders.

Your work ethic is unparalleled. You don’t ask for much help or support from your loved ones because you know you can take care of things yourself. You go, girl.

Binx Walton

You’re a little bit alternative and have a keen eye for the next cool thing. You’re a bit of a rebel, but you don’t have to try too hard. You just go with the flow and you don’t sweat the small stuff.

You've always been a sort of hidden gem, but people do a double-take the second they truly get a glimpse of you. You just have the It Factor that makes you someone people want to get to know you.

Gigi Hadid

You’re the popular girl. Even if you have a boyfriend, guys flock to you.

Maybe it’s your chill, California-girl personality or your captivating looks that have people so enthralled... Either way, there's just something about you that keeps people coming back for more.

But there's also more to you than what's on the outside. You're extremely generous and have a caring heart. People often judge you before they get to know you, but they're pleasantly surprised once they get the opportunity to meet the real you.

Cara Delevingne

For you, it’s all about the personality. Cara isn’t just drop-dead gorgeous and super talented. She’s also hilarious and the life of any party she attends – just like you.

You’ve always been the one with big dreams, but these aren’t just ideas. You execute everything you set your mind to and everyone appreciates your dedication to perfecting your craft.

Most importantly, you refuse to deal with the haters. You really don’t give a f*ck about what anyone else thinks.

Jourdan Dunn

You're the most determined of the bunch -- even more so than the Caras or Kendalls. You won't let even the most seemingly difficult obstacles in life cause you to falter or fail.

Your energy and personality light up a room, and your goofiness is infectious. With your work ethic, drive and good humor, there's nothing stopping you from anything you want to accomplish.

Hailey Baldwin

Simply put, you’re the “cool girl” every female strives to be. You’re not one to ever try too hard, but you still ooze sex appeal.

The girls you hang out with tend to be on the more glamorous side, but you prefer jeans, a black tank and a classic red lip. For you, the simpler, the better.