Wear Winter White

I know, I know. You were raised hearing that wearing white in the wintertime was a major faux pas. The second Labor Day weekend ends you’re supposed to tuck away your whites and say goodbye until Memorial Day.

This isn’t necessarily true. In some contexts, yes, but what it truly comes down to, is the texture and shade of the fabric. I wouldn’t expect (or want) any of you to be sporting bleach white jeans with cork wedges in December, but there are ways that you can rock white in the wintertime.

Wearing white in winter is all about the fabric. White cable knits; sweaters and thick wools are more than appropriate for this season. I’ve set aside two different outfit options that I would wear in the wintertime.

The first is a white sweater dress. I mean really, can you ever go wrong with a sweater dress? Wear this dress with black opaque tights, black booties and add a hint of color with a colored hair accessory. I’m partial to headbands, so I opted for this burgundy crushed velvet head wrap.

The second option is more formal. White wide legged trousers paired with an off white sweater and white blazer give you a playsuit feel. Wear this ensemble with nude pumps and you’re ready for a multitude of occasions.

Would you ever wear winter white?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images