Spring 2013 Color Trends


I know, I know. We’re still not even finished discussing all of this season’s fall trends and I’m already posting about what will be popular color wise come Spring 2013. Fashion is exhausting to keep up with isn’t it?

As you know, this week is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in New York City, and designers are showcasing their Spring/Summer 2013 collections so that the rest of us are prepared come spring shopping season in just a few short month’s time.

As a result, the company Pantone has released their seasonal report on which ten colors will be most dominant this upcoming spring season. It seems as if we’re moving away from bright, obnoxious neon’s and into more practical, subtle colors.

This season it seems as if blue (Monaco Blue as Pantone calls it) will be the most prominent. What do you think of this color report?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images