Splurge vs. Save: Laptop Case


As a writer for Elite Daily, a large portion of my job obviously rests on the fate of my laptop. I bring my laptop almost everywhere, so obviously, it needs to be carried around in style.

I recently have been obsessed with the idea of finding a chic laptop bag/briefcase type of bag, obviously so I’ll look grown up and stylish during my commute. Kidding, but… not really.

I’m actually quite picky when it comes to purchasing an item such as a laptop bag, so my search for the perfect tote has been taking longer than I had anticipated. During my lengthy search I started thinking “Hmm, this would be a good Splurge vs. Save post”, so, here we are.



One particular bag that caught my eye (and may very well end up being my bag of choice) is the Brahmin Laptop Case. Earlier in the summer I wrote about their collection of laptop bags, but I’m here to compare them. I love the crocodile print that comes in various different colors of leather, and this bag truly does give off a briefcase vibe rather than just being a laptop sleeve. Retailing at $295, this beautiful bag is an investment worth making.



The save option (which is way cheaper and almost identical) is the Mobile Edge Women’s Milano Faux-Croc Embossed Case. For only $59.99, why wouldn’t you purchase this bag?

Would you buy a crocodile laptop case?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images