Incorporating Cobalt Blue Into Your Wardrobe


We all know how much I love the color oxblood, a hunter green even excites me every now and then, but I haven’t put too much time into discussing my other favorite winter color: cobalt blue.

I love this color. As deep as a navy with the shocking presence of a neon, wearing cobalt blue gives you the means of standing out without doing anything too drastic. There’s several ways I love to incorporate cobalt blue into my everyday wear, and I’m here to share them with you.

As An Accent Piece


Mixing textures and colors is one of my favorite activities. A chunky knit sweater in a soft nude, paired with leather skinny jeans and cobalt blue heels is a great way to dress up your boring casual outfit, while still maintaining that level of conformability. Since you’re standing out with your ensemble, why not go all the way and stand out with your beauty regimen as well? Add a red lip and a topknot and you’ll have all the eyes in the room focused on you.

As A Manicure


This one is a given. If you love a color but don’t want to go overboard always incorporate it into your manicure. A Cobalt blue mani looks great against a monochromatic outfit (preferably black).

Go All Out


Forget incorporating accents and dive in headfirst. Wear a cobalt blue dress to the next function you attend. This dress looks amazing with black tights and suede grey booties.

Would you wear cobalt blue?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images