Fearless Fashion: Sneakers

Growing up I was a complete tomboy.  I went through a phase where I did not care what I wore and would bum around all day. Overtime, I fell in love with fashion and I have been an absolute slave to clothing throughout the past few years. Sometimes though, it’s still nice to dress down and comfortable and no one ever said that dressing down in sneakers couldn’t be chic.

One way to style sneakers is to wear them with an outfit that you would normally wear with flats. A classic shirt, sweater, and trousers option is a great go-to for work and throwing on a pair of converse won’t make your outfit inappropriate for the office.

An edgier way to wear sneakers would be to pair a skirt with high tops. This example of Rajni Jacques’ monochromatic outfit is perfected with a pop of color on her footwear. An outfit like this would be perfect for nighttime wear this fall.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images