Fearless Fashion: Cold Weather Color Blocking

I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on this little fun fact yet, but I’m slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl. I name drop ‘Blair Waldorf’ in the majority of my articles and am inspired by the show in my everyday life. Everyone needs to be inspired by something right?

I’m inspired by Blair Waldorf and the rest of her Gossip Girl cast mates not only for their impeccable style of dress, but for the way they carry themselves and for the fact that the actual plot line of the show is amazing. Since tonight is the final season’s long awaited premiere, I have decided to feature a Gossip Girl inspired week here at the women’s section of Elite Daily.

For my Fearless Fashion article let’s focus on how the illustrious Blair Waldorf always makes fearless fashion choices in her daily wardrobe, especially come cold weather. Blair always dresses appropriately for the season at hand, but never restricts herself to dull and boring outfits when the weather turns. Blair loves color blocking and adding bright pops of color even in the colder months and how can you not love her for it?

Blair is known for blocking extremely bright colors, such as green and yellow, red and navy, etc. If you’re hesitant to winter color blocking at first, why don’t you try subtly color blocking with these current fall colors.

Do you have what it takes to color block like Blair? Enjoy the premiere tonight my fellow Gossip Girl fans, xoxo!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images