It's What's Underneath That Counts: Why Women Should Embrace Lingerie

by Veronica Granja-Sierra

We live in a world where people make assumptions about women based solely on the clothes we wear and purses we carry. But, what about the inner goddess hiding behind that expensive Versace blouse and Parasuco jeans?

A woman who truly knows how to unleash that inner goddess understands that the first step is beginning with the right foundation garments: lingerie.

Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not. But, nowadays, it seems as if lingerie is just a means to convey sexuality or intimidation.

It's something meant not only for your partner to see in the bedroom, but something that is to be worn for someone else. It's something that stays on for two minutes and ends up on the bedroom floor anyway. But, all these notions are very wrong…

Lingerie can and should be about more than just sex and although it is undeniably visual eye-candy for someone else, it should more so be something that women buy and wear for themselves that makes them feel good about themselves..

All women need to realize the point of sexy lingerie is not necessarily for your partner to see you in it, but just for you to know you have it on.

Lingerie has become a vast world of more than just bras and panties: it includes corsets and teddies and bustiers and stockings and garters and slips and robes.

There are intricate laces, sparkling gems, beautifully placed ruffles, cute ribbons and many more embellishments on these undergarment pieces that help create remarkably sexy lingerie. This should allow it to be discussed in the same way we discuss the latest fashion trends and beauty products.

Modern lingerie should not have the two extreme, opposite functions of either being for the bedroom or to merely protect women's private parts. Lingerie is a part of a the fashion scene that symbolizes female empowerment, femininity, sexiness and inspires women all over the globe.

It can serve as a refuge for who you are on the inside, as it allows you to express who you really are, no matter what brand or style of clothing you wear on top.

We all know that women have multi-faceted personalities and emotions, and lingerie lets us express all of that when we don’t want to project it to the outside world.

Perhaps sometimes, we feel romantic and dreamy, and that’s when we can pull out the pink ruffled bra and satin panty set. Sometimes we feel flirty and playful and we can pull out the red push-up bras and lacy thongs. When we feel lazy and modest, we can pull out the lounge bras and cotton briefs, and when we feel cool and casual, we can pull out the t-shirt bras and boy short panties.

And, for the women who just want comfort, who settle for plain, boring undergarments, shapewear and granny panties don’t need to be the only options. Nowadays, lingerie creators use the finest of fabrics for their products, making comfort the new sexy.

One growing trend that all women should start to follow is the simple coordination of their lingerie. Matching bra and panties have been proven to actually impact a woman’s self-esteem.

When you devote time and effort to adorn your body in beautiful lingerie, it affirms your self-worth and boosts your self-confidence. It ignites feminine creativity, and also helps you take yourself seriously because let’s be real: Do you even take yourself serious when you’re lounging in PJs all day?

It is proven that you feel your best when you are at your best, and then, people will naturally gravitate to you. Confidence in what you are wearing not only makes you feel good, but it also attracts people who appreciate those qualities.

Women need to abandon the notion that lingerie is either bland and boring for everyday wear, or for hot and steamy sex. There IS a middle ground between the two, which is the simple notion of feeling great because you are wearing something that you LOVE.

When a woman wears matching undergarments or fancy lingerie, it might indicate how connected she is with her body. And, that’s what lingerie should be about: Connecting with her with her body, not detaching her from it.

Lingerie allows women to delve into their sensuality, which in turn, can build confidence as it helps to reconnect with inner selves because it encourages them to be bold yet discreet, and mysterious yet beautiful. This sensuality adds a spark of excitement that ignites enthusiasm in a woman’s life. It allows her to have a secret inner spark that inspires her to feel fabulous.

It is vital for women to maintain and refresh themselves with pampering and indulgences, as their busy lives overwhelm them with demands and schedules. That is where the spa, gym and shopping come into play — but lingerie, too.

Just like shoes and handbags, lingerie should be a staple in a woman’s closet and perhaps, be even more important. If a woman is wearing something truly beautiful underneath her clothing, she puts out an aura of pure confidence and poise.

The purpose of lingerie can be so much more than just for bedroom seduction. It should be about being able to wear something that makes you feel amazing and love the way you look, and every woman is entitled to that (single or not).

If a guy gets lucky enough to see you in it, then he should consider himself blessed. But, if you think that just because no one will see it, lingerie doesn’t matter, think about this: Do you not clean your house because no one is coming to visit? You live there… don’t YOU matter?

It is very sad that most women do not believe they are worthy of nice lingerie or that it is worth their money. They feel guilty buying things that are only intended for a few eyes.

But, it IS what’s on the inside that counts. Even if you are the only one who knows about it, you are the only one who MATTERS.

And, although it may seem like a frivolous indulgence, it is definitely a realistic way to take control of your own happiness and life.