Lifestyle — This Fashion Blogger Covers Fashion Week By Drawing Unbelievable Sketches
by Elite Daily Staff

When NY-based fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison first began her career, she was still unfamiliar with the field that lay ahead.

In Elite Daily's exclusive video behind the scenes with her at NYFW, she reveals,

It was like a whole world had opened up to me. There was no better suited profession for me.

Fashion illustrators translate the tangible styles and effects you see on the runway and build a whole imaginative world of fashion on the page.

They gain insider access to fashion shows and make art from art. It's all very beautiful and avant-garde.

Meagan was asked to be one of Tumblr's New York Fashion Week bloggers during last week's festivities.

Take a peek inside Meagan Morrison's colorful world of fashion illustration and check out how she infuses her own style in style. For more NY Fashion Week content check out the official Tumblr page as well as coverage from fellow bloggers.

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