Extreme Beauty Procedures: Bra Strap Lipo

Leave it to England to keep churning out the unusual and extreme beauty treatments and procedures. There are all kinds of ridiculous plastic surgery procedures being performed nowadays and yet, I still find that I’m continually shocked with new ones that comes onto the market.

Here’s one that a doctor from a private clinic in London has just developed: bra strap lipo. That’s right, a surgery specifically designed to suck out the "fat" that forms on your back when you wear your bra. The procedure takes fat from your upper arms, underarms and upper back and sculpts the areas using something that’s called Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction. Microlip, for short.

The surgery costs nearly $4,000 for a three-hour procedure, which is a pretty hefty price tag for a completely unnecessary operation. Do you know what the cause of the "fat" that spills over the top of your bra strap is? It’s not that you’re overweight. It’s not that you carry all of your fat on your back. It’s that your bra doesn’t properly fit you.

Studies have shown that most women don’t actually wear the right bra size. Have you ever been properly measured by a professional? If you have, I guarantee they said that your cup size was different from what you had originally thought. Before you try any serious alteration of your body, and dive headfirst into surgery, try this technique first.

You may be surprised with the results -- and subsequently save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

Photo Credit: Getty Images