Everything You Need To Know Before Heading To The Women's March


The national Women's March on DC will take place tomorrow at 10 am.

Hundreds of sister marches around the world have been scheduled as well. The event is an open call for men, women and allies to join together and tell Donald Trump we will not back down when it comes to women's rights.


The event is expected to draw in over 400,000 participants in DC alone, so protest organizers are calling on participants to be prepared in order to have everything go smoothly.

The Women's March organization has posted this FAQ sheet, but here are a few additional things you need to do before you head out to the march tomorrow.

1. Download these apps.

The Women's March has an app that has all the details you need to march in DC, including maps, a list of things that are prohibited and more. Download the app to stay in the know and get updates on any scheduling changes that may occur.


Because crowds in the hundreds of thousands are expected, cell service may be totally shot, which could be a huge deal if you get separated from your girl crew.

Apps like Voxer and FireChat ensure you'll be able to reach your friends in shitty cell reception areas.

2. Get your bag ready.

Backpacks are prohibited unless they are clear. So make sure you have a good-sized cross body, unless you're super prepared and already have your '90s girl look down.


The bag requirements are super restrictive. Purses and totes should be no larger than 8"x6"x4". If you want to bring a meal or snacks during the march, you are also allowed to bring one gallon sized plastic bag.

Even so, searches or confiscations can always happen, so make sure to leave any valuables at home.

3. Get your basic needs in check.

You can carry food and water in your plastic bag, but make sure you also know where the rest stops are. The Cut published an awesome interactive map of all the restroom stations that will be available during the march.

They also recommend bringing Thinx period panties if you're on your period.

Make sure to wear sensible clothing and comfortable shoes. Even if you decide to leave the march, crowds may deter your efforts to get home in a timely manner.

4. Know the phone number for the ACLU.

The Women's March recommends writing the number for your local American Civil Liberties Union on your arm in permanent marker during the protest.

Find the number to your local ACLU division here.

5. Charge your phone

Make sure you bring a portable battery, and start the day with full battery. Phones will be important for capturing any photos or videos of injustice, and calling the ACLU if necessary.

All in all, the Women's March organization is well prepared for this to happen. Your donations to the march have gone to hiring security, installing Porta Potties and more.

So show up, know your rights and tell Donald Trump the pussy grabs back.