Ladies, Rejoice! An Essie Nail Polish Vending Machine Actually Exists (Photos)

by Ashley Fern

OMG... I think every fashion forward female can agree that this is by far the coolest invention we have ever seen.

L'Oréal Paris and Essie have come together to create nail polish vending machines that will be dispersed throughout airports.

What better way is there to kill some time while waiting for your delayed flight? Head over to the vending machine, pick your color, then hit up the airport bar and get painting.

Right now, this is just a 3D prototype, but it's only a matter of time before this product becomes a reality.

At the end of last year, L'Oréal displayed its first makeup vending machine project inside the 42nd Street-Bryant Park subway station.

Customers were able to interact with screens, mirrors and sensors that recommended which cosmetics these women should purchase. Holy innovation, is this what the future will be like?

Check out the pictures of what could be the next big hit:

H/T: Randy Cano Photos Courtesy: Randy Cano