Someone Created The 'Perfect' Female Celebrity Body, And It's Kind Of Creepy (Photo)

This is kind of terrifying, and proof that the sum of pretty parts isn't always an equally beautiful whole.

E! Online conducted a poll last week among their readers asking participants to select from a list of celebrities and mark their body parts in order of most enviable.

Using those results, E! Online released an image of what they have deemed "The Perfect Female Celeb."

This Frankenstein project is slightly scary, but not unexpected.

Readers' choices came with little surprise — apparently, everyone wants Blake Lively's legs (been there), Sofia Vergara's boobs (I mean...), Rihanna's abs (of course), Gabrielle Union's arms (only slightly more muscular than Michelle Obama's), Carrie Underwood's hair (#flawless), Jessica Alba's smile (so pouty) and Mila Kunis' eyes (the perfect cat-eye).

While these body parts are obviously top-knotch, the final product of the "perfect" celeb is clearly a myth, and not to mention kind of creepy: Who wants to see these items crudely copy and pasted together like a paper doll?

I think the real lesson is while we all have areas that we want to improve, it's best to be happy with ourselves from head to toe.

via E! Online, Photo Courtesy: E! Online