You'll Never See The Women's Bathroom Sign In The Same Way Again


The women's bathroom just got a little more empowering.

According to a new campaign from software developer Axosoft, the character on the women's restroom sign isn't wearing a dress.

That innocuous triangle shape is really a superhero-style cape.

The female-shaped outline on the door of every women's bathroom isn't a reminder of misogyny; it's a statement about female empowerment.

The viral initiative, #ItWasNeverADress, invites women to rethink previous assumptions about their capabilities.

Axosoft's website elaborates,

The brand plans to invite men and women across the Internet to share stories of moments when the realities of situations differed from the way they viewed them.

Axosoft debuted the campaign on Monday at the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in Phoenix.

Lawdan Shojaee, Axosoft's CEO, told the Phoenix Business Journal the campaign empowers women who might feel as if they can't step into tech.

She said, "It's so hard for women to be in this space."

"We want to make sure women's voices are heard."

For the company and its followers, #ItWasNeverADress is about creating a narrative.

By inviting women to share their stories, Axosoft unites them.

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