Elite Interviews Actor Kevin Ryan


Award winning actor Kevin Ryan was born in Dublin, Ireland. His family are eighth-generation stonecutters, and although Kevin completed his apprenticeship as a young man, his own interests leaned more towards the arts, where he harbored a love of Shakespeare, professional dancing and active sports.

Kevin’s true passion is in acting. So, encouraged to follow his thespian path, Kevin moved to Los Angeles, California. It was not long before Hollywood recognized Kevin’s natural talent.

After several lead roles in a variety of independent movies, he was cast in his first major American role as the lead in the thriller Tripping Tommy, a feature film set for release later in 2012. The film is based on improvisation, and required Kevin to give his performance with a flawless American accent.

Hailed as Ireland’s newest emerging star, and voted one of Ireland’s sexiest Irish men for two consecutive years, Kevin can be presently seen starring in the top award winning RTE One TV drama ‘Raw’ which began airing earlier this year.

Currently Kevin is filming his latest lead role in Toronto, Canada, for the highly anticipated BBC TV drama series Copper. This Irish actor plays Detective Francis Maguire alongside British actor Tom Weston-Jones. Copper is slated to premiere on BBC America on August 19th.

Elite had the chance to sit down with Kevin and talk to him about his life, career and his new series.

From stonecutters to Hollywood – how does your family take your career choice? Were they welcoming or adverse to your goals in life?

So of all the arts, why acting? Was this a childhood passion or a young adult career choice?

Method acting was what launched everyone from Marlon Brando to Dustin Hoffman – but how hard was it to perfect your "American" accent?

You are well known in Europe. Do you want to break out in American markets, or do you find satisfaction in your continental roots?

Are you excited for Copper? Tell us a little about the series and your role in it.

We always like to ask about the life of a celebrity, so what is the oddest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Photo courtesy of BBC America’s ‘Copper’ - Kevin Ryan and Tom Weston Jones.’

What are your goals as an actor? Put another way, what would be your definition of success as an actor?

Aidan Sakiri | Elite.