6 Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs That Don't Require Special Skills

by Celine Rahman

Annie's orphans once said, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." But we say, "No outfit is complete without a manicure."

This Halloween, think outside the box and create a look vastly different from your basic fall mattes and dark hues. After all, your nails deserve a creative costume just as much as your body does.

You don't have to be an artist create these looks, all you need is a steady hand and the willpower to make it happen.

Here are six different Halloween nail designs. Nail pens are suggested, but not entirely necessary.

For a Catwoman look that's less Anne Hathaway and more Michelle Pfeiffer:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: yellow, black, orange and silver.

Step 1: Draw two ovals, using the orange as a base for the eyes.

Step 2: Place two yellow dots on the centers of the orange ovals.

Step 3: Draw two black slivers in the centers of the yellow dots to complete the eyes.

Step 4: Complete by placing three silver whiskers under each eye.

For when you need to flash the evil eye to the person wearing the same costume as you:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: red, black, white and green.

Step 1: Start off with a white ball in the center of your nail.

Step 2: Outline your eyeball using the black polish.

Step 3: Place a green dot on the center of the white ball.

Step 4: Finish by adding a few red veins to the white area of your eyeball.

For when you settled on a Robin costume but still want to rep Batman:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: black and orange.

Step 1: Start off by drawing the exterior shape of your bat, lining the top and bottom.

Step 2: Connect those lines by the wings, completing the outline of your bat.

Step 3: Color the inside of your bat entirely black.

Step 4: Finish by drawing a baby bat just below the other one, following the same steps.

In anticipation of getting way too drunk and scraping your knee:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: white and red.

Step 1: Start off with a clean white nail as your base.

Step 2: Draw 4 or more red dots, lining the base of your blood drips.

Step 3: Draw the red upwards from the dots towards the tips of your nails, connecting the red along the bend of your nail.

For when you don't feel like smiling:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: black and white.

Step 1: Draw two medium-sized black ovals on the center of your nail.

Step 2: Place a wide line exceeding the width of both eyes as the base for Jack's smile.

Step 3: Line the smile with stitches evenly placed across the nail.

Step 4: Lastly, draw two small stitches between the base of the eyes to complete Jack's nose.

For when you're feeling a little basic:

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: clear, white and black.

Step 1: Over a clear coat of polish, outline the ghost's two arms and head.

Step 2: Once the ghost is dry, place two black dots at the top center of the ghost, completing the eyes.

Step 3: Finish out by drawing a squiggly line below the eyes to establish the mouth.