Drone Captures Insane Sorority Bid Day That Looks Like The Running Of The Bulls (Video)

What do you see when you watch the video below?

Kind of looks like a riot? A terrifying swarm of pink-and-purple clad females swarming in the streets must be something significant, right? A protest perhaps?

Nope. This video, captured by a drone (because what aren't drones doing these days?), shows the ladies of the University of Central Florida on sorority bid day.

These ladies running through the streets are probably the accepted pledges, in which case, cool, congratulations to them.

Or, better yet: They’re the rejects and they’re planning a massive stampede through Sorority Row, in which case, I truly hope the drone stuck around.

That would be a sight to see.

This looks like the start of a marathon.

Good luck to any cars that take this road.

There's always one golf cart present.

H/T: Buzzfeed