You Are What You Drink

We all love a good cocktail or glass of wine every once in a while. I constantly post cocktail recipes because I know this for a fact, but can this be harming us?

Of course, excessive drinking is bad, because, well, being drunk can lead to some less than favorable activity/practices. Now, the World Cancer Fund is adding another negative side effect of drinking to the list: high caloric intake.

A newly conducted report has proven that people who drink get 10 percent of their daily calories from alcohol. That glass of wine you have every night at the end of your day? Bad. 178 calories bad.

Just kidding, that’s barely any calories, but a second or third or fourth glass could do some damage to your weight, and your next morning. We’re not saying quit drinking, just be aware of how much you’re in taking, and how that may be a cause for your weight predicament.

Ally | Elite.